La Philharmonie de Paris

Assisting visitors of a concert hall to simplify the booking experience
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The issue at hand

The Philharmonie’s teams were in the midst of redesigning their website. They needed to clarify the discourse concerning their broad offer. They also had the ambition to answer instantly their visitors’ questions.

Our solution :

The chatbot quickly appeared as a clear choice. Once it was embedded, it instantly became a complementary service to the new website. Today, Philharmonie’s teams are able to apprehend clearly their users’ behaviors.

We accompanied the team through a profound change in their organization as well as in their relationship with the public. Today, the large amount of information available on the website can be accessed simply by asking a few questions to the chatbot. The service is adopted by a majority of the website’s users.

Key figures

La Philharmonie de Paris


+35,000 users in less than 6 months