About us

Ask Mona harnesses artificial intelligence
to facilitate knowledge transmission.

7+ years at the service of cultural institutions
and their audiences




Operating in 6 countries


A team dedicated to AI development

Harnessing artificial intelligence to craft experiences for cultural institutions and their audiences.

Artificial Intelligence enabling knowledge sharing

We firmly believe that AI has the potential to
revolutionize the learning experience.


Our technology is the result of several years of research and development. It harnesses the power of AI while maintaining control over the shared information.


Our solutions enable every visit to become an inclusive and engaging dialogue.


Drawing on over 7 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, we provide training sessions during which we share our expertise and best practices.

A Unique Corporate Identity at the crossroads of art and technology

We believe that cutting-edge technology should be used to deliver engaging and distinctive content.

Our core values



Curious and open-minded, we are keen to explore new horizons to innovate and create solutions off the beaten tracks.

Driven by our desire to learn, we continually seek to go beyond, take on challenges and grow together.



Our cooperation is based on listening, respect and openness between all team members. We show empathy by trying to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

We like to work in a joyous atmosphere and take care of the well-being of everyone.



Our mission is to contribute to making culture more accessible. By transforming the way cultural institutions interact with their visitors, we seek to help them build a closer relationship.

We are invested in this human adventure and passionate about what we do.

Eager to be part of the journey?

We are hiring curious, diverse team players dedicated to collaborative teamwork.

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