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of visitors believe that new technologies are a good way to learn

DDeploy a generative AI trained exclusively on your documents.

Fuel our trusted generative AI with the content of your choice to enable it to respond to your audience using only this information

Save time by using existing content

Deploy a multilingual assistant in minutes; simply upload the documents you want to use on our platform

Enhance audience engagement by personalizing their learning experience

Each visitor can interact with your assistant, asking questions that matter to them in multiple languages. Our assistant can respond with both text and audio content

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Save time and enhance your audience’s experience with our trusted generative AI solution

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A web application at your fingertips

Accessible directly on the visitor's phone without the need for downloading, featuring an interface in your brand colors that adheres to accessibility standards.

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Flexible settings

Content triggering with visual recognition or QR code scanning, selection of available languages, tone, audio playback of responses...

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A back-office

To create points of interest on which you want to make your experience available in just a few clicks.

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Upload important documents

You can upload the documents or links you want to the knowledge base of your generative AI. For many points of interest, we can set up automatic retrieval of information

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Let your visitors to explore your collections

Your assistant is ready; your audience can now ask any questions about the points of interest where your experience is available

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We provide you with resources on signage to help ensure the best possible visibility for your institutions

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Discover usage statistics

To help you better understand the main themes your audience is curious about

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Accompagner les jeunes publics à la découverte d'une exposition

fondation louis vuitton

Le dispositif d'IA générative qui accompagne les visiteurs à la Fondation Louis Vuitton


Guider les publics internationaux dans la préparation de leur visite

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