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Enhance your audience support before, during, and after their visit


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We provide a solution for leveraging generative AI
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Explore our solutions for the cultural sector

Discover our solutions for before, during, and after the visit to enhance personalization of your audience’s experience and engagement.

Before the visit

AI assistant to answer any of your publics' question, anytime

An assistant to address your audience’s practical questions, allowing your teams to save time while significantly enhancing the audience experience.

during the visit

The first audioguide allowing your visitors to engage in conversation

A groundbreaking innovation in the museum experience, utilizing controlled generative artificial intelligence to answer visitors’ questions in multiple languages.

This allows visitors to actively engage in their learning journey, customizing the experience according to their interests, with information managed by the museum teams.

after the visit

The smart magnet to extends the visiting experience

Smart magnets enable visitors to interact with artificial intelligence representing artworks or historical figures.

This solution enhances the cultural experience by extending interaction beyond the walls, fostering lasting connections, and opening a new revenue stream for museum shops.

We provide training to professionals in the cultural industries on artificial intelligence

Our training program tailored for professionals in cultural industries combines theoretical and practical approaches to fully leverage the potential of AI for your organization.

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