We mobilize artificial intelligence to create experiences for cultural institutions and their audiences.


It all starts with…

We are convinced that the access to knowledge is crucial for the development of individuals. Ask Mona works towards decompartmentalizing the world of culture to bring its institutions closer to all their audiences.

Our story

It all started with a passion (and a desire) shared by its co-founders Marion Carré and Valentin Schmite for culture and transmission. Thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Culture, they launched a first chatbot capable of recommending cultural events.

After winning several awards, a stint at Station F and the Heritage Incubator, a first fundraising and the recruitment of a talented team, they decided to go further by responding to requests from cultural institutions: to equip them with their own conversational assistants by creating the Ask Mona Studio.

By equipping more than 80 cultural institutions with its solutions, Ask Mona has become a key player in the cultural world.

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At Ask Mona, there is a unique corporate DNA at the crossroads between the worlds of art and technology.
  • Valentin Schmite

    Co-founder and CEO of Ask Mona, Valentin is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, he started his career in the media: Slate, nonfiction and France Culture. Sensitive to the importance of transmission, Valentin also leads conferences and teaches cycles dedicated to the role of artificial intelligence in access to culture.

  • Marion Carré

    Co-founder and President of Ask Mona, Marion is a graduate of CELSA – Sorbonne University.
    She explores art / artificial intelligence dialectic through different approaches. She is an
    entrepreneur, artist, teacher (Sciences Po Paris, CELSA, Aivancity), lecturer and author.

Editorial department

We put our editorial expertise at the service of the enhancement of the visitors’ experience. Success is achieved thanks to a close knitted collaboration with cultural institutions.

  • Alix

    Head of customer success
  • Octavie

    Editorial and project management
  • Auriane

    Customer success manager

Technological department

We develop artificial intelligence technologies in order to meet the current and future needs of cultural institutions.

  • Robin

    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Vincent

    Full Stack Developer
  • Reda

    Full Stack Developer
  • Jeffrey

    Full Stack Developer
  • Greta

    Product Owner

Growth department

We meet with cultural institutions to offer them tailored solutions to their needs.

  • Baptiste

    Account executive
  • Anna

    Marketing Manager
  • Céline

    Account Executive
  • Antoine

    Account executive
  • Alexandra


Nos valeurs

  • Curiosity

    Curious and open-minded, we are keen to explore new horizons to innovate and create solutions off the beaten tracks. Driven by our desire to learn, we continually seek to go beyond, take on challenges and grow together.

  • Benevolence

    Our cooperation is based on listening, respect and openness between all team members. We show empathy by trying to put ourselves in the shoes of others. We like to work in a joyous atmosphere and take care of the well-being of everyone.

  • Commitment

    Our mission is to contribute to making culture more accessible. By transforming the way cultural institutions interact with their visitors, we seek to help them build a closer relationship. We are invested in this human adventure and passionate about what we do.