The Fondation Louis Vuitton : The generative AI tool that guides visitors in exploring artworks




The Fondation Louis Vuitton, inaugurated in 2014 in Paris’s Bois de Boulogne, is a contemporary art center designed by Frank Gehry. Known for its bold architecture, it hosts modern and contemporary art exhibitions, drawing visitors from around the globe.



During the Mark Rothko exhibition, the Louis Vuitton Foundation aimed to create unique engagement opportunities by facilitating visitors’ deeper understanding of Rothko’s artistic concepts.

Our collaboration with the Fondation Louis Vuitton began in 2019, marking the start of a partnership to explore innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence in the artistic realm. It’s within this framework that we introduced a generative AI guide.


Develop a customized and intuitive
chatbot for the public

Through this tool, visitors are able to explore Mark Rothko’s artistic universe in a more interactive and personalized manner than ever before.

The experience is both straightforward and engaging. To access it, visitors simply scan a QR code located at the entrance of the exhibition. Once scanned, an interface opens, allowing visitors to photograph two Rothko works: Antigone and Seagrams. They can then interact with these works and receive detailed information, thereby deepening their understanding.

The data used to power the generative AI comes from documents and sources provided by the Louis Vuitton Foundation, ensuring the accuracy of the information provided. Each dialogue is rooted in reality and knowledge.

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