For more than 7 years we have been perfecting our expertises at the service of cultural institutions.

At Ask Mona, we truly believe that cutting-edge technology should be put at the service of an engaging and distinctive content.

For that reason, we developed a combination of editorial specialization and technological expertise. Together with our assessment and the institutions’ vision, we meet our common ambition to create the best visitor experience possible.

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Putting technology at the service of culture

Working exclusively for the cultural sector, we have perfected a range of « tailor-made » solutions that meet the needs, challenges and specificities of this sector.

Our tools

We strongly believe that the foundation of any tool creation should be its users’ specific issues. This is why we develop all of our products in collaboration with cultural institutions. For example, our back office was designed and built with our partners. It is quick and easy to use and has been specifically designed to be intuitive for cultural professionals.

Our algorithms

Our Research and Development department develops machine learning algorithms designed to meet the needs of cultural institutions. As a result, our chatbots are able to interpret specific questions asked by visitors as soon as our systems are set up.

Let’s co-create attractive editorial content

Our editorial expertise

We co-create with cultural institutions narrative frameworks around the temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. Hand in hand, we build a narrative that will capture the curiosity and attention of visitors.

Starting from the scientific content transmitted by the institution, we adjust the language, synthesize and redraft it into a dialogue to make it accessible to everyone.

By simplifying the visitor’s experience, we bring our partners closer to their audiences.

Let’s collaborate in the long run

  • Conception
  • Development
  • Online release
  • Support service

At Ask Mona, we support institutions at every stage : from the ideation phase to the production of our digital assistants. The first step of our collaboration is meeting the project team. The scoping meeting allows us to understand your challenges, determine the indicators of success and set up the means to achieve it. Then, we enter the conception, test and development phases. Once the device is launched, we continuously advise you in the evolution of your products through communication plans, or adapted signage to make the experience accessible to the greatest number. Finally, with our expertise in projects’ support, we offer long-term strategic recommendations. Based on the collected data from your chatbot, we offer suggestions for evolution according to your needs and uses.

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