Cultural mediation enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Cultural mediation enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

For the past six years, Ask Mona’s team has been harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance the cultural sector. In this article, we delve into the definition of AI and its application in your professional endeavors and cultural mediation. We also unveil our latest innovation: a tool allowing visitors to engage in conversations with your artworks.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) embodies a system’s ability to emulate and replicate human behaviors. Writing a sentence, speaking words, creating an image—these are human behaviors. Complex systems can now precisely imitate these behaviors. Neural networks, inspired by the human brain’s functioning, can learn from extensive datasets, acquiring diverse skills.

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a specific domain within AI that opens new horizons for content creation. It generates new and unique content based on pre-existing data, creating something novel from a given command or set of provided content. This represents a true technological revolution, with significant advancements in the last decade.

Examples of this progress include tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney, showcasing the ability of generative AI to create relevant and innovative content.

Using AI in Your Professional Approach

The impact of AI on professional practices, including mediation, is undeniable. In the context of cultural mediation, AI offers unprecedented possibilities to enrich cultural experiences and establish deeper connections between individuals and cultural heritage. This transformation goes beyond improving experiences; it redefines the roles and responsibilities of cultural mediators.

Explore our dedicated article for guidance on this evolution, discovering eight innovative tools that can not only streamline your daily tasks as a cultural mediator but also transform your approach by harnessing AI’s potential.

Integrating Generative AI into Cultural Mediation

The use of text and image generation tools represents a significant advancement in cultural mediation. By integrating these technologies internally, professionals can optimize their work, efficiently generate content, and rethink how they present information to visitors.

The first step toward successful integration is getting acquainted with these generation tools. Numerous best practices exist for their optimal use, and specialized training can be a valuable resource, helping cultural mediators develop the skills needed to fully exploit generative AI’s potential. Contact us to discover our training program.

Generative AI’s impact extends beyond the backstage of cultural mediation; these tools can be powerful allies in creating immersive and captivating experiences for visitors.

Discover Our Latest Tool Through an Exclusive Demo!

We’ve developed a generative AI guide that enables your visitors to engage in conversations with the works in your collections. Using artificial intelligence, we empower you to create points of interest with just a few clicks.

Once online, visitors can take a photo of the artwork and ask any questions that come to mind. The system responds in a personalized manner.