5 Key Benefits of Ask Mona’s Generative AI to enhance visitor experience

5 Key Benefits of Ask Mona’s Generative AI to enhance visitor experience

Integration of artificial intelligence and new technologies in the field of cultural experiences is a well-established approach. Numerous institutions have already adopted innovative devices, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, apps, or chatbots, to enrich the visiting experience of their audience.

At Ask Mona, we have developed many visiting devices that use artificial intelligence algorithms and visual recognition.

And for a few years now, we have also been committed to harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence to make it available to cultural institutions. And we can already tell you that generative AI offers very interesting prospects, both in terms of the visitor experience and for professionals in the cultural sector!

In this article, we unveil 5 good reasons to adopt Ask Mona’s generative AI to offer your visitors a unique visiting device within your establishment.

Maximize Your Content’s Lifespan with Generative AI

As an institution committed to creating quality content for your visitors, you know how time-consuming it can be. However, this content is often not fully consumed. This is where generative artificial intelligence comes into play. It enables you to recycle these precious resources to create an interactive visiting experience!

To do so, you will simply need to upload your resources to our secure platform. It will allow you to create a conversational device for your visitors in just a few clicks. With this digital guide, whenever a visitor asks a question, the artificial intelligence will draw information from the database created from your resources.

Mobilize the Power of Generative AI

Our device relies on the power of generative AI. It allows for the creation of unique conversations while maintaining control over the information disclosed. It is the perfect fusion of creativity and control, where you can offer personalized interactions, while ensuring the quality of the information shared. The device we propose offers visitors an unprecedented but natural experience since they only need to ask questions as if they were talking with a real guide.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Imagine a tool able to generate text in multiple languages, opening your institution to the entire world. Our solution is available in more than 20 languages, ensuring that international visitors can fully enjoy the experience. This allows you to save on translation costs, as content generation is effective in the visitor’s language.

Provide a Tool that Reflects Your Image

The appearance of your device is essential to reflect the visual identity of your institution. You can personalize your chatbot in just a few clicks, giving it the appearance and tone that correspond to your communication style. It becomes a harmonious extension of your institution, thus strengthening your brand image.

Offer Image Recognition

We provide visual recognition technology that allows you to add another interactive dimension to the experience. Visitors can take photos of artworks or points of interest, thus obtaining precise information on specific elements. This transforms the visit into an even more immersive and interactive exploration.

But these 5 good reasons to create a Generative AI guide for your institution are far from the only ones! To learn more, we invite you to discuss with one of our experts.