The ultimate guide to using ChatGPT in your cultural institution

The ultimate guide to using ChatGPT in your cultural institution

ChatGPT is much more than just generative artificial intelligence. It’s a real virtual companion that can revolutionize the way you work and create. And that’s exactly why we’ve created this guide.

Through this free resource, we give you the opportunity to use the potential of this technology to speed up your projects, increase your productivity or even enrich your work.

Whether you work in a museum, a monument, a theater, a performance hall or even an office, we’ll take you step by step to help you understand and harness the countless possibilities offered by this latest-generation artificial intelligence.

Together, we’re going to push back the boundaries of creation and open up a new horizon of opportunities for cultural professionals.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you download our guide:

  • How to get the most out of ChatGPT as a cultural professional
  • Best practices for making this cutting-edge technology a valuable ally in your profession
  • How to overcome the ethical challenges associated with using this artificial intelligence
  • 40 message guides, or “prompts” specially designed for each cultural profession

Getting started with ChatGPT

Generative artificial intelligence may still seem obscure, and so does the acronym ChatGPT. To guide you from start to finish, this section provides a precise definition of ChatGPT. You’ll also find a step-by-step guide to getting started with this generative artificial intelligence.

What is a prompt?

Before you even start using the prompts designed specifically for you, it’s important to understand the mechanics of these prompts. In this chapter, you’ll learn how prompts work and how to create your own to get the best results. Use cases and concrete examples are provided to illustrate these concepts.

Cultural communication professions in the age of ChatGPT

In the age of the attention economy, it’s a complex task to address a diverse audience and raise their interest. Implementing a sustainable content strategy across different communication platforms can even be very costly. That’s where generative artificial intelligence can help: it can enable you to create content quickly.

But you still need to know how to stand out from the crowd, while retaining the values specific to the cultural sector. In this chapter, we present a number of concrete use cases designed to harness the power of ChatGPT in your day-to-day business.

Artificial intelligence: a true asset for mediation

ChatGPT, and artificial intelligence more generally, can be used to produce engaging experiences for the public. This tool can be used at many stages of mediation creation: to generate ideas, rethink your workshop program, translate content, and much more. In this section of the guide, we share our secrets and best practices for using ChatGPT in mediation.

Transforming the visitor experience with artificial intelligence

In this final chapter, discover how to use ChatGPT to better meet the needs of visitors and the logistical challenges of welcoming the public. You’ll have access to prompts designed to help you create visitor materials, tips for smoothing their journey, improving their safety within your institution and much more.

Are you ready to join this exciting adventure and transform the way you work?

Open this guide, and let ChatGPT guide you to new heights of creativity and excellence.