Propose a digital guide system in line with the new expectations of the public.

Times are changing, interactions are evolving, audiences are increasingly demanding proximity to institutions.


This is the percentage of visitors who believe that new technologies are a great new way to learn.

Why implement an interactive visiting experience?

Adapt your mediation system to the visitors’ desires

Visitors aspire to autonomy and freedom in their wanderings, to be guided without being forced, to choose their own path and the way they want to use it.

Enrich visitor’s experience by creating a cognitive engagement

By mobilizing various cognitive engagement levers, our systems make the visitor an active participant in the visiting experience. While guaranteeing a level of learning for all, the different sorts of reading allow them to explore the content according to their desires and the time they wish to spend on it.

Deliver a seamless, enjoyable and easy-to-use experience

Our devices are easily deployed: available on the user’s phone, they are accessible without downloading. Their ergonomic interface makes them easy to use for the public.

How does it work ?

A visiting assistant

  • An ergonomic, easy-to-use and inclusive mediation device: available on phone or tablet, without downloading.
  • Multiple functionalities to assist your visitors: thematic tours, visual recognition…
  • A hub open to various formats such as image, video, podcast, scenarios, augmented reality, quizzes… to distribute a wide variety of content and interactions throughout the visiting experience.dd

Your content

  • Our experts will help you determine which editorial line and which content to publish according to your audience and your objectives.
  • Our experts produce content that combines scientific rigor and innovative storytelling, whether it be in the field of art history or in the field of popular science.
  • Whether it be with scripts, podcasts, video… we can help you produce a wide variety of content.

Our support

  • Our support is designed to save your time in preparing the project and helping on various aspects such as editorial line, signage, etc.
  • Throughout the life of the project, you will benefit from a personalized follow-up. We put all our expertise at your disposal to achieve your objectives.

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