Generative AI Guide
Invite your audiences to engage in conversation with your masterpieces

An assistant powered with generative AI that answers all your audiences’ questions, in multiple languages, from your documents to guide their exploration.


This is the percentage of visitors who believe that new technologies are a great new way to learn.

What are the benefits ?

Engage your audiences in several languages and personalizing their learning experience

Every visitor can engage with your assistant, asking questions they care about in multiple languages. Our assistant can reply with text and audio content.

Save time by giving your content a second life

Deploy a multilingual assistant in a few minutes; all you need to do is upload the documents you want to use on our platform.

Learn from what fascinates your visitors

Discover the subjects that fascinate your visitors through our comprehensive analytics reports, and gain a richer understanding of their engagement with your collection.

How does it work ?

A generative AI setup to answer using only information from your documents

Our trustworthy generative AI solution is built to use only content from your knowledge base to answer visitors questions. This guarantees that every response is not only accurate but also aligns perfectly with your institution’s voice and informational integrity.

Easily upload your content to the AI knowledge base

  • Use our back-office to create the points of interest where you wish to make your experience available with just a few clicks.
  • You can upload documents or links you wish to add to the knowledge base of your generative AI. For many points of interest, we can set up automatic information retrieval.

Customize your assistant

  • You can deploy an assistant usable directly on the visitor’s phone without downloading, with an interface adapted to your graphic identity, that meets accessibility standards.
  • We provide you with resources on signage to help you ensure the best possible visibility for your institutions.
  • We share with you usage statistics allowing you to better understand the main topics your audiences are inquiring about.

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