Val d’Oise Tourism

Bringing an iconic figure back to life with artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The issue at hand

In commemoration of the anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s passing, the Val D’Oise Tourism team aimed to honor his memory.

“Our goal was to commemorate him through the creation of imagined dialogues with one of the most renowned painters in history.”

– Vincent Charlier, director of Val D’oise Tourism

Our solution :

We developed a smart magnet featuring Vincent Van Gogh’s image to provide visitors with an immersion into his world. The project combines art and technology to virtually bring Van Gogh to life, allowing the public to discover his art and personality in a unique way.

To access the experience, visitors only need to scan the QR code on the magnet’s back. They will be redirected to a conversation space where they can ask a wide range of questions to artificial intelligence.

Under the guidance of Wouter Van der Veen, a global expert on the Dutch master, this this initiative not only acts as a gateway into Van Gogh’s life and creations but also presents a unique opportunity to delve into the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

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