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Saving time on answering frequent questions from visitors
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The issue at hand

The Grand Palais team were faced with a navigation challenge on their website. Visitors were having difficulties to encounter the information they were looking for in a timely manner. An additional requirement was that the solution had to be accessible from their social networks.

Our solution :

Since 2019, Ask Betty, informs visitors on all practical information topics. Visitors use this tool to follow the latest news from the Grand Palais and prepare their visit. The chatbot allows the Grand Palais to promote events and distribute content to its 2M visitors per year.

💬 Talk to Ask Betty, the chatbot of the Grand Palais.

Key figures

Grand Palais


34% user growth over the last year

Grand Palais

3 years

Since 3 years the chatbot answers questions from visitors of the Grand Palais