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Artificial Intelligence brings Joan of Arc to life at the Historial de Rouen
Artificial Intelligence
Smart magnet

The issue at hand

Rouen Sites and Monuments aimed to enhance the cultural experience for its visitors by leveraging technology while maintaining a high level of scientific and historical accuracy. Their goal was to create a unique and unprecedented product that would extend the visiting experience at the Historial Jeanne d’Arc.

Our solution :

We developed the first smart magnet that enables conversations with Joan of Arc. In addition to being a unique souvenir, a QR code on the back of the object opens up a conversation space, allowing visitors to ask any questions. They can engage in a dialogue with this iconic character and learn more about her youth, battles, and trials.

The object is available for purchase at the Historial Jeanne d’Arc and the Aître Saint-Maclou, and it is offered in 5 different languages.

Key figures

Rouen Sites and Monuments

Top 2 sales

The intelligent magnet featuring Joan of Arc is the second best-selling item in the store.

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