Caen Memorial: Personifying a historical figure to inform an international audience




Caen Memorial is a museum dedicated to the history of the 20th century, with a focus on World War II. In 2023, it welcomed 175,600 visitors annually, aiming to raise awareness about the issues of armed conflicts and to promote peace.



The communication department of the Caen Memorial, in its efforts to improve customer relations, wanted to create a tool that would enable them to answer instantly to all visitor requests.


An enhanced and transformed
visitor experience

+30 000

+30 000 users since the launch


Developing an intuitive
chatbot for the audience

We created a scenario that presents the story of Lucien and answers visitors’ questions.

Today, the memorial’s chatbot informs in French and in English the visitors about the many questions they have on practical information, especially about the program, opening hours and pricing.

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