5 Reasons to Adopt Ask Mona’s Visitor Guide

Innovation and artificial intelligence are transforming our cultural experiences. At Ask Mona, we’ve developed a conversational audio guide that’s revolutionizing museum visits. Here are five compelling reasons to offer our conversational audio guide at your next exhibitions.


1. Harness the Power of Generative AI

Traditional chatbots using decision trees offer fun experiences and interesting games to complement an exhibition. Our conversational audio guide’s artificial intelligence goes much further: it generates responses based on visitors’ questions. This capability offers a smoother, more natural interaction.

Visitors come to a museum with their own experiences and sensitivities. With our assistant, each visitor can ask questions and get information specific to their interests, personalizing their experience.

Thanks to this advanced technology, our audio guide provides rich, contextual answers. Imagine your visitors asking, “What’s the story behind this artwork?” or “Are there any anecdotes about the artist?” and receiving complete, fascinating answers that enrich their visit. This ability to offer dynamic, tailored responses transforms each visit into an immersive and engaging experience.

Moreover, the audio guide can respond to remarks and observations, not just questions. For instance, a visitor might say, “I love this artist” or “This seems strange, I feel sad,” and the assistant will respond with content that encourages deeper reflection.

2. Control the Data Disclosed by the AI

When discussing generative artificial intelligence, it’s crucial to be aware of associated risks, such as hallucination—where the technology generates erroneous information.

In developing our conversational audio guide, we’ve prioritized data control. Our R&D efforts have enabled us to create an AI solution capable of managing the data it uses.

Practically speaking, we give you the ability to control the database from which the AI sources its information. This database can be easily updated via a back office, ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the information provided by our audio guide.

With this rigorous control, you can offer your visitors an enriching and authentic cultural experience without compromising the integrity of the shared content.

3. Reuse Your Content

Mediation devices require a significant allocation of time and energy. Through our audio guide, we offer you the opportunity to reuse and highlight the content you’ve already created. Artwork descriptions, artist anecdotes, exhibition dossiers: these contents will form the database of our system. The AI will draw its responses from these documents, ensuring relevant and rich information for the users of our audio guide.

We provide you with an intuitive platform that allows you to easily update and manage these contents. This ensures that your audio guide is always up to date with the latest relevant information for your visitors.

By innovatively reusing your content, you maximize its value and offer your visitors an immersive and captivating cultural experience.

4. Let Your Visitors Choose How to Explore the Exhibition

Each visitor brings their own desires, interests, and habits when they enter a museum. Our conversational audio guide recognizes this diversity and adapts to offer a tailored experience to each individual.

Thanks to a flexible and personalized approach, our audio guide allows your visitors to explore the exhibition according to their individual preferences. Whether by voice or in writing, they can ask questions, listen to answers, or read them, depending on their preferences. Some even use our audio guide like a podcast, transforming their visit into an immersive and captivating experience.

By offering this versatility, our audio guide ensures everyone feels fully engaged in their cultural discovery, guaranteeing a rewarding and memorable experience for all visitors.

5. Discover What Your Visitors are Interested in

Collecting visitor data is essential to improving the experience in your cultural institution. However, sometimes the amount of feedback collected can be insufficient for a complete picture.

This is where our audio guide comes in. By providing an interactive and engaging platform, our audio guide allows for the efficient and non-intrusive collection of visitor data. Each interaction with the audio guide offers an opportunity to gather valuable information about visitors’ preferences, interests, and behaviors.

Once this data is collected, our team analyzes it in depth. We provide you with comprehensive, detailed reports on the data analysis, highlighting trends, strengths, and areas for improvement in your institution.

The Ask Mona conversational audio guide revolutionizes the cultural experience by offering unparalleled personalization and proactive data collection. With our solution, your visitors benefit from total immersion, and you gain valuable insights to continuously improve your institution. Contact us today to discover how our solution can transform your institution!

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