Discover the smart souvenir that
brings historical figures to life

Developments in generative artificial intelligence have opened the door to a range of innovations.

For over 6 years, our commitment to harnessing these advances within the cultural sector has resulted in a unique achievement. We have created the very first object powered by artificial intelligence available for cultural institutions, territories and their visitors: an unprecedented experience bringing to life the legends of the past.

“At Ask Mona, our mission is to push back the boundaries of creativity through technology.”

Marion Carré, co-founder and president of Ask Mona

Last July, we introduced this exciting new concept: smart magnets.

These phygital objects are magnets bearing the effigy of iconic historical and cultural figures such as François 1er, Marie-Antoinette, Henri IV, and many more. The initiative caused quite a stir, attracting the attention of numerous medias.

What is a smart magnet?

The intelligent magnet is much more than just a souvenir. This innovation is in fact a concentrate of technology that enables visitors to chat with an emblematic figure from your institution or territory. Powered by generative artificial intelligence algorithms, the conversational agents take on the appearance of historical figures and offer conversations in 5 languages.

We decided to combine this cutting-edge technology with the best-selling item in stores: the magnet. By transforming the conventional magnet, we offer a new source of income for stores in cultural and tourist sites.

Available in-store for your visitors, this experience extends the visit and discovery of a territory by sharing knowledge in a fun way.

In terms of protagonists, we have already developed over 40 historical figures, each more fascinating than the last. These personalities include musicians, actors, authors, politicians, artists…

For example, the Grand Palais Immersif chose Sarah Bernhardt for the exhibition Eternel Mucha, the Château de Blois offers François 1er in its boutique, and you can chat with Rosa Bonheur at the Château de Rosa Bonheur.

We can also create a customized figure. Ask yourself: what emblematic figure would best represent my region or institution? We are confident you’ve got an idea in mind. We are determined to capture each character’s unique essence and deliver an incredibly realistic, immersive experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts to make your idea a reality!

How does a smart magnet works ?

The smart magnet experience for the visitor

We believe in creating experiences that are simple and accessible to everyone. That’s why anyone can access the experience from their phone, and converse with the character by sending messages.

To do so, we’ve set up a simple and practical method: after purchasing in-store, visitors can scan the QR code on the back of the magnet. This QR code redirects them to the interface where they can ask the character all the questions they want. We’ve made sure that the whole process is easy to understand and approachable for all users.

For example, at Grand Palais Immersif you can ask Sarah Bernhardt if she has ever performed male roles, or more personal information about her life and work.

The hidden face of the smart magnet

We know how important it is to share knowledge with the public. But above all, it’s impossible to spread incorrect information! That’s why we’ve developed a tailor-made model for the cultural and tourism sector. We allow you to choose the sources of information given to the artificial intelligence, which will base its knowledge exclusively on the selected materials. That way, you can control the content shared by the character.

Find out more about how this new technology and data management works with one of our experts.


A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh with artificial intelligence

To mark the 133rd anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s death, Val d’Oise Tourisme and Ask Mona have decided to offer visitors an unprecedented immersion into the world of the Dutch painter.

“We wanted to pay tribute to him by imagining dialogues with one of painting’s greatest masters”.

Vincent Charlier, Director of Val d’Oise Tourisme

As a result, we developed the first artificial intelligence capable of conversing with the artist. This innovative project combines art and technology to bring Van Gogh to virtual life, enabling the public to discover his art and personality in a whole new way.

As with any other magnet, visitors simply scan the QR code on the back of the object to converse with Van Gogh.

Under the guidance of Wouter Van der Veen, a world-renowned expert on the Dutch master, this project is both a gateway to Van Gogh’s life and work, and a unique opportunity to discover the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

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