School group booking : a digital solution to facilitate the online booking experience

Ask Mona has developed a solution to automate most of the cumbersome booking process for school groups. The main purpose of the solution is to provide a smoother and faster booking experience for both the school and the institution.


Conversation rate three folds higher compared to the average


40% of museum visitors are school groups

Why implement a chatbot?

An easier user experience

The school teacher discovers the institution’s offer within a smooth and guided experience instead of a cumbersome form or an email

Time-saving for the institution

No need to enter the booking information in the ticketing
software, no need to answer emails asking for explanations, details and availabilities. Every information is integrated directly in Vivaticket (ticketing partner).

Increased number of completed bookings

Drastic reduction in the number of pre-booking cancellations due to unavailable dates: only available dates appear for selection in the enhanced solution.

How does it work?

The type of activities is filtered by school level. Availabilities for each activity are updated in real-time.

The request is created automatically within the ticketing software after the chatbot collected information.

An email summary of the booking request is sent to the school teacher and the person in charge within the institution.

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