Albert-Kahn departmental museum: assisting visitors throughout the discovery of a museum and its garden




The Albert-Kahn departmental museum reopened its doors in April 2022 after 5 years of work. The public can discover a 4 hectare site combining a museum with a rich permanent collection of autochromes and temporary exhibitions, in the heart of a garden composed of multiple landscape scenes.



The collaboration with Ask Mona began during the period of renovation when the gardens remained open to the public. With few guides available during this period, the challenge for the museum was to provide an innovative tool to inform visitors about the conditions of the visit and above all to help them understand the meaning of the garden by discovering its rich history and botany.

At the time of the reopening, the museum’s teams once again called upon Ask Mona to guide and accompany visitors on the museum’s permanent tour and to provide keys to understanding the spaces.


An enhanced and personalized
visitor experience


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Developing a customized and intuitive
chatbot for the audience

For the Albert-Kahn departmental museum, we designed a chatbot named “Madame Laurent” whose character refers to the former housekeeper of Albert Kahn. The chatbot answers all the practical questions of the public about the preparation of the visit.

It assist them throughout the discovery of Albert Kahn’s fascinating history. It guides them through the different landscape scenes of the garden, proposing for each one a narrative experience allowing them to discover more. It also accompanies them in the discovery of the permanent tour by offering them to visit the garden in the shoes of the character of their choice, depending on the context of their visit (alone or with their family). Finally, the chatbot offers visitors a satisfaction questionnaire to give their feedback.

Throughout our collaboration, we have accompanied the museum teams to develop the system according to their needs and the museum’s evolution.

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