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Generative Tools Revolutionizing the Cultural Sector

The digital era is transforming the cultural sector, and generative artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this revolution.

Since 2017, Ask Mona has been merging technological expertise with cultural acumen to assist cultural institutions in their transformation. We have extensively explored the impact of these innovative tools in enhancing visitor experiences and optimizing cultural institutions’ operations.

While these technologies cannot replace human expertise, they prove to be true allies in your professional journey. Their ability to automate and accelerate routine processes frees up time, allowing you to focus on more value-added tasks.

Discover our selection of 8 generative AI tools, invaluable for any cultural professional looking to engage in this digital transformation.

ChatGPT, an Asset for Content Creation

This conversational AI tool, developed by OpenAI, has the ability to generate textual content. ChatGPT uses an advanced language model to create texts, be it exhibition descriptions, social media posts, or in-depth articles. This technology is ideal for cultural professionals looking to quickly produce quality content.

In fact, at Ask Mona, we have developed a guide dedicated to using ChatGPT for the cultural sector. This guide offers practical insights and strategies for leveraging ChatGPT in your work.

Dall-E, Generating Images and Illustrations

Dall-E, another OpenAI innovation, pushes the boundaries of graphic creation with its ability to generate custom images. This tool uses deep learning to transform textual descriptions into illustrations. Cultural institutions can use it to design unique visuals for their exhibitions, marketing campaigns, or even to enrich their digital content.

Gamma, Creating Presentations in a Few Clicks

Gamma is a platform for creating presentations and websites. With its automated generation capabilities, Gamma allows for the quick design of presentations and websites. This platform is ideal for developing engaging visual communication supports, necessary during exhibitions, conferences, or for promoting cultural events online. With Gamma, creating communication supports becomes not only more efficient but also more creative.

CapCut, for Simplified Video Editing

CapCut is a video editing application offering a wide range of features. This software allows for easy creation of professional-quality videos. Its functions include background removal, resizing, image enhancement, and color correction. CapCut is particularly useful for generating videos from texts or short clips for social media.

Canva, a Versatile Design Tool

Canva is a graphic design platform known for its ease of use and versatility. It goes beyond mere visual creation, incorporating generative AI features like creating images from textual prompts. For cultural professionals, Canva is an interesting tool for the quick and efficient creation of visual supports, whether it’s posters, brochures, social media posts, or even educational material.

HeyGen, Breaking Down Language Barriers

HeyGen is a technology that generates videos in which your voice can be heard in different languages. This innovative capability is ideal for cultural institutions looking to reach an international audience. Through generative AI, HeyGen transforms your speech into a variety of languages, allowing for barrier-free communication. It’s a valuable tool for cultural mediation videos, virtual guided tours, and educational supports for a diverse audience.

Rapidely, Your Assistant for Social Media Content

Rapidely is a platform designed to simplify and optimize the creation of content for social media. It stands out for its ability to help professionals quickly develop engaging and visually appealing posts. Rapidely offers various tools for editing short videos, designing interactive graphics, and even automatically generating posts based on current trends. Its artificial intelligence assists users in creating content tailored to each social network, thus enabling more targeted and effective communication.

Ask Mona: Generative AI Guide to Interact with Your Collections

Our technology transforms your existing content into an interactive guide, allowing visitors to engage in dynamic conversations with your artworks. For cultural professionals, this means the ability to repurpose already created content and extend its lifecycle.

This digital assistant is powered by cutting-edge generative AI and designed to respond intuitively and informatively to all visitor inquiries. It can adapt to a multitude of languages, thus offering a rich and accessible experience to an international audience.

The tool draws information from your existing resources to provide contextual, historical, and even anecdotal information about the displayed pieces. Therefore, each visitor can benefit from personalized guidance, transforming a simple visit into an unforgettable educational and interactive experience. Discover more by clicking below!

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