The Cluny Museum: Informing and engaging audiences of a museum before the visit

Paris Vᔉ, le 21 avril. Le musĂ©e de Cluny s’offre une nouvelle peau pour sa derniĂšre phase de travaux de modernisation. Il est maintenant plus accessible pour les personnes Ă  mobilitĂ© rĂ©duite.



The Cluny Museum is a medieval gem nestled in the heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris. It houses a rich collection of medieval art, including the famous “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestry series. Located in a 15th-century mansion, the museum itself is a striking testament to medieval Parisian architecture. Each year, it welcomes several hundred thousand visitors, drawn by its temporary exhibitions, special events, and the global renown of certain pieces in its collection.



The Cluny Museum’s team decided to call upon Ask Mona to answer a need for automation of the information communicated to visitors. They also wished to offer their public content corresponding to the image of the place, in order to maintain and develop relationship with them.


A chatbot
available 24/7


Average conversation time.


of small talks conversations with the chatbot.


Developing a customized and intuitive
chatbot for the audience

Since it was launched, Adam, the Cluny Museum’s chatbot, has adapted to the changes and exceptional conditions of the museum, which was closed for several months for renovation. Also capable of answering visitors’ practical questions, it is regularly updated with fun content that highlights the museum’s collections: games, quizzes and mediation scenarios. The average conversation time proves that users’ questions are targeted and answered with appropriate content. 

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