The Great War Museum in Meaux: Facilitating the online school group booking experience

Groupes scolaire au musée



The Great War Museum in Meaux is Europe’s largest museum dedicated to the First World War. With 100,000 visitors per year, including 40% school groups, it recounts the events and consequences of the war through exhibitions and collections of objects. It plays a vital role in transmitting history and raising awareness of the issues related to armed conflicts.



Booking for school groups, in cultural institutions, is often a time-consuming task, both for teachers and for booking officers.


An intuitive

15 minutes

That's the time saved per processed file since the implementation of the chatbot.


Developing a competitive
booking assistant

Ask Mona makes the booking process easier thanks to a conversational tool linked to the ticketing software. In concrete terms, the chatbot asks questions that are essential for the booking, such as the number of pupils, the level of the class or the type of visit. Once all the answers have been given to the conversational assistant, a reservation file is created in the ticketing software. The booking manager only has to validate the file and issue a quote. The booking experience is easier and optimize the reception of school groups!

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