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MAC VAL : Guiding visitors in the discovery of a rich programming




The MAC VAL is the Contemporary Art Museum of Val-de-Marne. Visitors can explore a permanent collection of over 2,500 works as well as a rich program of exhibitions, thematic tours, and workshops. The museum has a team of around twenty people and welcomed approximately 24,000 visitors in 2021.



When the museum started working with Ask Mona in 2019, its objective was to help its audiences prepare their visit to the MAC VAL while highlighting the richness of the museum’s programming.


Developing a customized and intuitive
chatbot for the audience

Ask Mona has designed “Mic Mac” for the MAC VAL, a chatbot capable of answering more than 113 themes of frequently asked questions from the public. It also guides visitors in the discovery of the programming by helping each one to find the proposal that corresponds to his desires and situation. In addition, it offers narrative experiences that introduce the themes of the temporary exhibitions while engaging the public.

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