Reply in real time,
to all your visitors,
at any time,
on all subjects


Our clients save an average of 500 hours per year.


The percentage of visitors who expect a response within 24 hours.


The percentage of visitors who expect a personalized and relevant experience.

Is answering visitors’ questions too time-consuming for your teams? Set up a chatbot to respond instantly to your audience’s requests.

Why implement a chatbot?

Empower your teams

Thanks to the chatbot, reduce the number of repetitive and time-consuming requests processed by your teams. Allocate your resources to higher value-added subjects.

Handle all of your visitor’s requests

Respond instantly to all your visitors’ requests, even when your teams are not available, in several languages.

Go further in the support of your audiences

Offer your visitors additional support to help them prepare for their visit and make their reservations. Use statistics as a source of information to identify the problems encountered.

How does it work?

Your chatbot

  • A chatbot available on your website with a custom design.
  • Many functionalities to inform your audience about your institution in a personalized and automated way.
  • A powerful and pre-trained AI dedicated to the needs of the cultural institution’s public.

Your back-office

  • An easy-to-use administration panel to update your chatbot’s content independently.
  • Synchronization with external data sources to automatically update some of your chatbot’s content.
  • Detailed statistics to monitor the use of your chatbot and facilitate the identification of problems encountered by your audience in their journey.

Our support

  • Together, we frame the project to adapt the chatbot to your needs and those of your audience. We help you launch a high-performance chatbot in a limited time.
  • Throughout the life of the chatbot, you benefit from personalized monitoring. We put all our expertise at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.
  • Onboarding
  • Conception
  • Test
  • Launch
  • Support and follow up

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